Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joomla installation tips

If you get the message from browser:
Access Restricted

Most of time, you should try different version of Joomla, for example I got big problem with 1.5.15, could not figure it out, surf on the Internet for 2 days and got no help. Many ppl got this issue.

I finally download 1.5.14, problem solved by itself :( man...... took me more than 10 hours...

Go to
and select language

After choosing language, if you see Cookies error like session.save_path error, you need to make sure the followings:

1. php.ini did specify the path for session.save_path
for example:
session.save_path = "c:\php\sessions"

2. and make sure you enable "write" permission for IUSER for this sessions folder that you created by your own.

3. make sure you spell sessions folder name correctly.

4. you may want to copy php.ini to windows folder as well.

for more info -


database type: mysql
host name: localhost
username: root
password: blank

joomla account and password: admin / you need to specify the password

if you get: "JError Unable to load Database Driver" while loading the page
---> database setup has been wiped out in configurationi.php in joomla root folder/

for more info -

if you just install it, you can re-install everything again.