Saturday, March 4, 2017

Math book

The new collection of my Math books. When purchasing an item I always search for great quality, great reviews, without putting a dent in my wallet. Book arrived promptly with Prime. It seems dry and boring to me, but it does seem to teach what you need to learn in the seventh grade fairly well. This book was suggested by the math teacher for summer work. I'm from the old school, so it's been a while since I did Algebra. I find this book to be adequate if used as a workbook alongside a proper course teaching the concepts in the same manner. Most of which is NOT how *I* learned it many many years ago!!! But worthy to take a look.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dell P2715Q display

Just for my own notes. My office's Dell P2715Q display had the same problem below.

The problem has been solved, it was the cable that was the issue. Had a Clicktronic High Quality 4K DisplayPort cable but apparently that wasn't good enough, bought a Premium GOLD cable from Lindy which is DP1.2 certified and the issue no longer occurs.

The Gold cable only helped few month, then it started getting the same old problem....

Time to get a better 4K display. It's dirt cheap now ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pentel pen

I really like Pentel pen, it glides smoothly on paper and has a wonderful fine tip. The ink doesn't transfer or leak which I love. This is also a good pen for calligraphy and drawing; you can use the tip of the pen for a fine, precise line or you can use the pen at an angle for a thicker line. The pen feels sturdy enough in my hand ;)