Friday, September 9, 2016


I had a chance to train some new soccer ball referees for the league which is very strict about the training class.
So several key points and can help you to ease your referee tasks

1.) 10-1-10-5-10-1-10
In between first two 10 minutes are so called first and second quarters.
In between, there is 1 minute break, called Water Break. 
During this water break, no coaching allowed!

Between second and third quarters is 5 minutes halftime break. By the end of second quarter, blow the whilst twice to stop the game for 5 minutes break.

By the end of 4th quarter, blow the whilst 3 times to end the game.

2.) Kick-off 
We can let the visiting team for kicking off the ball at the first quarter, and Home team do the kick-off during half time (3rd quarter).

Only two players can stay in the circle, the other team must stay aside out of the circle.
6 yards.

3.) Last Play
When it approaches to 9:30 and the ball is out of bound, the person who time the game can tell referee about this, then referee can call "Last Play", that means once the ball is out of bound or scored, game must stop for water break, halftime break or ending.

4.) Team Throw or Kick
If Team A is RED, Team B is Blue. Team B kick the ball out of bound from "Touch line" (two side lines on each side), Team A can do throw in. Player must have two feet on the ground to do Throw In.  Referee can call "RED Throw"

Kick has two different kicks, one is Corner Kick, one is Goal Kick. 
Team B kick the ball out of Goal line, Referee call "Red Kick" and place the ball in front of the goal / gate, and let the Red team kick.

Corner Kick happened when Team A kick the ball out of its own goal line. Team B can do Corner kick from Corner Arc.

5.) The ball is out of play when: all of the ball is completely outside the outside edge of the touch line or goal line, either on the ground or in the air.

6.) The method of scoring
A goal is scored when the entire ball goes completely over the outside edge of the goal line, under the crossbar and between the goal posts, while the ball is legally in play

7.) Match record / Match card
The coach should complete the match card before arriving at the field. The top five lines of the match card should filled in with the match information, team name and colors and coach and assistant coaches names. Each player should be listed numerically, not alphabetically, which his or her first and last names. All players should be listed whether they will be playing that day or not.


  1. 1. No more Red throw or Blue throw, only "Kick" if the ball goes out of two side lines. AYSO changed the rule this year.
    2. Also it must be in-directed kick to score the goal when kick-off from center or two side lines. In other word, you can not score directly when starting the game or kick from the lines.
    3. 9:30 - 1:00 water break - 9:30 - half-time - 9:30 - 1:00 water break - 9:30 - last play - times up
    4. Referee can drop the ball for the player after referee stops the game for any reason. and that is to resume the game.

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