Thursday, October 27, 2016

Microsoft new Surface family, Wowow!

Yesterday, Microsoft's Surface Studio introduction, and Today is Apple's turn. I seriously think Microsoft did that to steal Apple's thunder and with whatever Apple is going to show today, they will still be looking like out-dated. And the most amazing part: no one, not even in their wildest dreams, would have thought that Microsoft could come up with dream machines like this! Great job! Microsoft. But only if you can ship it earlier, not the year after..... and it's not right to put down 2017 without any specific date and time.

Apple still has chance to update their keynotes and also win the games if they can ship the new things today.

One last thing, Microsoft should do Thunderbolt 3 on their Surface Studio, if they really want professional to use it. USB 3.0 Type-A is out-dated, a technology from year 2008, not 2017 :) Did you listen to me? Microsoft :)

Hello Again! Surface :)

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